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Wanhongxi Industry Co.,Ltd.established in 2003,manufacture Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries and GEL batteries.Branded "treebattery", was one of the leading manufacturer of the lead acid battery in China.With total manufacturing facilities of around 30,000 square meter. Wanhongxi Industry Co.,Ltd. generated, with a group of highly qualified staff in the lead acid battery industry in China and overseas, from a good demand for quality batteries.
We have a good reputation for proven quality batteries for the last 13 years, now we can produce 8 series battery to meet the different applications, such as wind and solar energy storage, telecommunication system, UPS systems, Emergency lighting, Power plants ,e-bikes, e-cars.
Treebattery, brings you not only reliable battery and technology supports, but also supplying a professional solution for some special projects, such as whole solar system projects, with excellent service and real value you shall expect and enjoy.
Compared with most other Chinese battery manufacturers, Treebattery can really supply customers with reliable battery for various applications. Further we have a strong capability to work together excellently with our customers, so that our battery are compatible with global standards of IEC60896-1,ISO9001,CE, etc.

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